new jerseyEvery country and place in the world has their own lottery. The same thing is with the New Jersey area and the New Jersey lottery. The lottery is run by the government and there are several games you can play and win. You can enjoy in the games such as Pick 3, Pick 4, New Jersey Pick 6 lottery results, Jersey Cash 5, Powerball, Cash4Life and Mega Millions. If you are the fun of the starch tickets, these tickets are the part of New Jersey Lottery as well. New Jersey Lottery history is pretty long, and generations of people from this area are playing the games for decades. Prizes were always big, and they still are. You can enjoy in the games you like to play, feel the excitement when you are waiting for the results, and you can even be a winner who will take the money home. The sums are more than huge.

New Jersey lottery was formed in 1970, which means that people have been playing and enjoying their favorite games for more than forty years. The headquarters of the lottery is in One Lawrence Park Complex, Brunswick Avenue Circle, Lawrenceville, New Jersey. With around 150 employees, lottery is constantly present in the lives of people from the New Jersey area. You can try your luck anytime you want, but the only condition is that you are 18 years old. As it was already mentioned, there are many games you can try, even the scratch tickets. You should test your luck, and see what will happen. Maybe, you will be the winner.

Through the decades since the times when the lottery NJ was formed, many people have won some huge prized that completely changed their lives for the better. However, the largest prize went into the hands of Dominican immigrant, who lives in Passaic, Pedro Quezada. He won nearly $338,000,000 playing the Powerball. It happened on the March 23, 2013. Three days after, Pedro Quezada claimed the ticket he bought, and he chose the cash option. His life was changed forever, because he won all that money.

If you want to try your luck, you can always play the New Jersey lottery. With several different options, you can be equal to others. Perhaps, the next biggest prize will go straight to your hands. The truth is, odds for winning the prize are small, but they are real. Even with small chances, you can be a winner. There is nothing wrong with playing the lottery. It is cheap, fun and exciting. It may change your life completely, and that is the main reason why so many people are actually playing the lottery. Pick the game you want, and you can begin. Maybe you are the next big winner.